Ceremony Package – includes a PA mixer (for extra microphones), a CD player, a Lapel Microphone (for the Officiating Minister), and one or two speakers (depending on need), all incased ready to go. This is a great package for ceremonies in a different room, location, or even outside, away from the reception area.

All the other services are usually incorporated with this service to form the reception package

Equipment Rental

With professional and ultra-modern sound equipment of the highest caliber, Sound Illusion will make sure that you never have to worry about unclear or inappropriate volume level at your function. Whether booking a full disco and DJ service from us, or just hiring a stand-alone rig for your event, the latest professional equipment will be used giving clear undistorted sound reproduction and a light show that fully covers the dance floor.

Dance Floor Options

Everyone loves a good reception party. Unfortunately, not every wedding reception area is suitable for a great night of dancing. With this in mind, we offer portable dance floor options that can transform a sandy beach or grassy field to an area well-suited for a group of shuffling guests. Our dance floors come in three colors: white, black and oak.

Dance floor sizes:

12×12 – 20 Couples
16×16 – 28 Couples
16×20 – 38 Couples
20×20 – 45 Couples


Why settle for boring lighting or the same old color of your reception site? Add Accent Lighting for a unique & dramatic effect. Par Cans can also highlight what you want people to look at. Imagine transforming the whole room to your wedding colors, by adding color Gels. Dim or turn off the overhead lights as much as possible for an even more dramatic effect.

Ambience Up-Lighting

Up lighting and ambience lighting is the art of painting with light to create a truly magical background for the most beautiful and well-planned day of your lives. Use lighting to bring out the colors of your wedding, your bridesmaids’ dresses, your flowers and the aspects of the room help create a truly unique and exceptional wedding experience. Many couples want to add color to their room, or recreate an effect they’ve seen in a magazine but aren’t quite sure where to start or how to go about it doing it. Leave it to us! Our new LED lighting is the latest technology in event lighting. They are the safest and most environmentally friendly lighting options, there are no bulbs to burn out and these lights require less energy. They are very saturated and can be very bright. They can recreate just about any color. With our special lighting we can also illuminate tables, wash ceilings, do architectural lighting, and project images/monograms almost anywhere. Lighting not only works well during the entire event but it allows your flowers and other decorations to shine later on in the evening. When it’s dark for the reception, guests always notice the lighting, which will add just that much more to your event. It looks great in the photos as well, turning your ordinary wedding into the beautiful event that deserves to be.

Party Dance Lighting

Feel the need to add more excitement to your dance floor? Intrigue your guests to the dance floor to ensure a more memorable event. Add a splash of colors to your reception photos of your bride/father and groom/mother dances. We can provide professional assorted, LED technology, laser or movable head projectors to add a sensational wave of lighting to the dance floor. Our lighting generates a vibrant atmosphere which moves with the music to create a more enjoyable dance experience.

Projectors and Screens

Showing your guests a picture slide show makes for a great presentation and conversation starter. Our standard package includes a 2000 Lumen DLP projector and an 8-foot Tripod screen. This will help make your wedding very high tech, but surprisingly easy.